CHIA YU CHIAN (1936-1990)

1936               Born September 1st, 1936 in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.


                        Pei Wah Primary School, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
                        The Singapore Chinese High School, Singapore
                        The Christ Church English School, Singapore.
                        The Alliance Française, Singapore (Learning French)
                         L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris


1954-56           School Teacher in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
1957-59           Devoted full time to painting, and travelled widely throughout                                       the Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.
Feb 1959         The first Malaysia / Singapore artist recipient of the French’s                                       Government Scholarship to study art in Paris Art Academy.
                          Established his first studio in Paris at 20, Rue du Sommerard                                       Latin Quarter-Sorbonne
1959-1962       Studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris                                  Art Academy.
                          Moved studio to Montmartre in October, 1960 at 28, Rue de la                                     Charbonnere.
1961-1962       Met French art critics and writers Jean Gerard, Marcel Clavie, D.                                  Israel.-Meyer, Andre Treves, Pierre Imbourg.
                          Worked at "Place du Tertre", became the committee member of                                   the “Association de L' Artistes do Montmartre"
1962                Returned to Malaysia on February 21st.
1962-1963     Art Supervisor at The Penang High School, Penang as well as                                      being advto various artist groups in Penang.
1963-1990      Established “Yu Chian Art Gallery”. A private art studio in Penang,                               later Kuala Lumpur,
full time artist devoted in creating and painting. Created 2,000 plus art works through life time, mostly oil painting.


(A) Group Exhibitions

1951                Paintings were first publicly exhibited at the YMCA Art Group                                      Exhibition and the Singapore Art Society Annual Exhibition at the                                age of 15 years old.
1951-1976     The Singapore Art Society - Annual Local Artists Exhibitions.
1956                Participated in the “Ten Years of Art in Singapore,1946- 1956”                                    organized by The Singapore Art Council
1956                His work "Early Morning" was purchased by the Rt. Hon. Mr.                                          Malcolm MacDonald, the British High Commissioner to the South                                East in April.
1957                Exhibition in Sydney, Australia.
1958-1961      Took part in the National Art Gallery Exhibitions, Malaysia.
1959-1962      Works selected in the Fifteen Grand Salon Exhibitions in Paris, at
                          “Salon des Artistes Française"
                          “Salon des Nationale”
                          “Salon d'Automne”
                          “Salon des Indépendants”
                          “Salon des Berruyer, Bourges”
                          “Société des Artistes de Montmartre”
1962                  Paintings of Malaysian Artists Exhibitions toured major cities in                                  India.
1965                 “The Frank Sullivan Private Art Collection”
1966                 “Johor State Artists Exhibition”
1971-1972       Pesta1971 and Pesta1972 Art Exhibitions, Pulau Pinang
1974, 1981,      Asean Mobile Exhibitions (Kuala Lumpur; Singapore; Jakarta;         1983                  Manila and Bangkok)
1975                  Pameran Lukisan Perpaduan - National Art Gallery : Balai Seni                                    Lukis Malaysia,1957-1975
1977                  The Singapore Chinese High School Old Buys' Association Art                                      Exhibition, Singapore.
1977-1984       National Art Shows - National Art Gallery, Malaysia.
1982                 “Modern Malaysian Art, 1930- 1981”
1983                  25th Anniversary Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Malaysia.
1984-1985       Took part in several art exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia.
April, 1986        Representing Malaysia to exhibit works at the “3rd Asian Art                                         Biannual Exhibition” in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(B) Solo Exhibitions

April, 1956       Held the first one-man show in Johor Bharu in aid of the South                                    Johor Chinese Schools Teachers’ Association Building Fund.
1957, 1963,     Singapore
1978, 1980,     Singapore  
1984                 Singapore
1956, 1979      Johor Bharu (Johor)
1958, 1962      Kuala Lumpur / Selangor
1989                 Kuala Lumpur / Selangor
March 1958     Penang 
May 1958         Penang
1961, 1969       Penang
1972, 1979       Penang
1989                  Penang
1966, 1978       Ipoh (Perak)
1979                  Alor Setar (Kedah)


1959                 “Galerie de Villiers” Paris, France
1960                 “Salon de Paris” Paris, France
1960                  Hanover, Germany - Under the sponsorship of the German                                            Government.
1960                  London, United Kingdom - Under the sponsorship of the                                                Malaysian High Commission.
1961                  Madrid, Spain


1960                  New Delhi; Calcutta; Bombay; Madras, India
1972                  Bangkok, Thailand

Major Works in Permanent Collections

            The National Art Gallery Malaysia
            The National Art Museum, Singapore
            The National Library, Singapore
            Penang State Museum Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia
            The University Sains Malaysia
            The University Hospital Malaysia
            The People's Republic of China
            The National Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
            Osaka University of Commerce, Japan
            Osaka Railway Station, Japan
            Grand Palais, Paris, France
            The Foreign Ministry, Paris, France
            L'Hotel de Ville, Paris, France
            The London University (Oriental and African Studies), United Kingdom
            New York Art Gallery, New York, USA
            Boston Art Gallery, Boston, USA
            Sonnenberg International Centre, Hanover, Germany
and, under numerous others private collections throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia

Mural Commission

Grand mural “Life in Malaysia” for the Malaysian Embassy, Paris, France commissioned in January 1962.


Mention Honorable of the “Salon des Indépendants” and “Société des                 Artistes Français”, Paris.

Publication Credits

“University of Malaya Art Museum, Singapore - Dr. Michael Sullivan in                    1959
“Les Arts” Paris July, 1959 - Dr. Israel-Meyer “Le Peintre, Paris” September, 1959 - Andre Treves
“The Sphere” London October, 1960
“Art News and Review” London November, 1960 – Cottie Burland
“Journal de l'Amateur d'Arts, Paris1961” - Pierre Imbourg
“La Revue Moderne, Paris” 1961 - G. Baba
“The Chinese Art of 20th Century” England, 1965 - Dr. Michael Sullivan
“Contemporary Artists of Malaysia” 1971 - Dolores D. Wharton
“Who's Who in Malaysia, 1975-1976” - J. Victor Morais
“International Who's Who in Art and Antiques” Cambridge, England, 1976 - Ernest Kay “Modern Artists of Malaysia” 1983 -T. K. Sabapathy and Redza Piyadasa
“The Artists Review” Taiwan November,1984
“The Artist” Hong Kong, February 1985

Judge of Art Competitions

1984-1988       Judged the “Young Contemporaries Art Competition,1984                                            organized by the National Art Gallery, Malaysia, and invitation to                                   judge for numerous art competitions since 1963

Major Portrait Commission & Series

Nov, 1959        Commissioned to paint the portrait of YAB Dr. Lirn Chong Eu                                         ( The Chief Minister of Penang)
Aug, 1967       Sketch of The Tunku Abdul Rahman (The Father of Malaysia )
Apr,1977         Life size portraits of Dato & Datin Mohd. Zamani bin. Abu Samah                                (Chief Police of Johor, Malaysia)
Jan, 1979        Portrait of Mr. Bjarne Zachariassen ( Director of Sweden ALFA-                                   LAVAL Far East Sdn. Bhd.)
1980                The “Hospital” series
1981                The “Genting” series
1985                The “ KL Heritage Buildings & Street Scene”  series
19xx                 The “Ground Nuts Factory” series
1985                 The “Penang Bridge” series
Feb, 1984        Portrait of Dr. C. C. Too
1960-1990      The “Faces of Life” series 

Main Media

Oil, Water-colours, Pastels, Ink, Chinese brush and others.